It's a bird...It's a plane...It's a GIANT SQUIRREL!

It's just not an everyday occurrence that you come around the corner in your studio parking lot and find yourself face to face with a giant squirrel. Although, sharing a parking lot with Blue Genie means you see your fair share of creatures from time to time. 


I'm pretty sure this squirrel is the fixture by the pecan place on Hwy 71...maybe in for repairs. Looked like there were some little cracks on the feet. In any case, this was the most adorable version of Godzilla I've ever found in a parking lot, so naturally I raced out with my camera to snap a few photos. Good thing, because right after I finished and packed up my camera it started pouring down rain and the squirrel was taken inside. No one likes a wet giant squirrel. 

UPDATE: Kevin Collins from Blue Genie has informed us that, in fact, the squirrel is a lady and her name is Ms. Pearl.