Man boobs.

Yes, you read that correctly: man boobs. Long-time Austin resident Crazy Carl Hickerson is working on growing out his man boobs. Austin residents might recognize him as the guy who twirls carnations on his finger out front of Esther's Follies. 

For this Austin Monthly photo shoot, we took Crazy Carl (his legal name, by the way) out behind Esther's Follies and I let him do his thing in front of the awesome mural by Kerry Awn. What you can't see in this image is that we happened to schedule the shoot during primetime beverage delivery hours, so every few minutes, we scrambled out of the way of trucks in the alleyway. Crazy Carl was nothing but the ultimate trooper, and could not have been sweeter. I brought some carnations for the shoot, and he took them home to his wife at the end. Don't let the man boobs scare you, if you see Crazy Carl downtown, stop and say hello to him, he has plenty of stories to tell!

His story is available now in the June issue of Austin Monthly, so go ahead and pick one up!