Artifact Uprising just wrapped a cool promotion for 25 free (woooooo!) prints. Not one to turn down free prints, I jumped on this. Here's a quick iPhone snap of some of my favorites from the shipment. Some are iPhone, some are DSLR. I was curious to see how the variety of photos from differing cameras would print. 

Overall, the prints look really good. The paper is nice, thicker matte paper. The iPhone shots printed better than I thought they would. Some of the skin tones from DSLR photos were a bit on the pink side, something I'll look into. Curious to see what kind of adjustments I could make/ could make through their website interface to alter that. Also, they shipped them over super fast...bonus points.

Really happy to have these in my hands. I think it's import to see your work in print for both technical and psychological reasons, ha! If you're interested in some 5x5 prints, look up Artifact Uprising!