A Creative at Home

Switched things up a bit for the February issue of Austin Monthly Magazine. Instead of making a portrait for the “Character” section, which typically features those people doing their part “keeping Austin weird”, this month, I did a portrait for the “Creatives” section, which highlights members of the creative community in Austin. 


Mark Bristol was very gracious in letting us come into his home studio for the shoot. Seeing his storyboard art and movie posters he had worked on was a treat. He had told us ahead of time that he was a big fan of Austin Monthly, which always adds another layer of enthusiasm into the shoot itself. 

He came across as a very sincere and thoughtful artist, and I tried to portray that in his portrait. Pick up a copy for yourself, on newsstands now, and read his story, written by Austin Monthly’s Executive Editor, Sarah Thurmond.

Geeks Who (Don’t) Drink

Last month, I did a shoot for Austin Monthly Magazine featuring Geeks Who Drink trivia champ, Bobb X. Ha, who actually doesn't really drink during trivia contests. In a pretty cool twist of events, we were able to setup the shoot back where Bobb’s trivia career began — The Highball over on South Lamar. This place was very much still a construction zone, so what you see is a sneak peek into the new bar area. It was pretty cool — they turned the old bowling alley floors into the bar floor and upstairs is private room-style karaoke paradise. I recommend the Super Mario Bro.’s room. 

Bobb. X. Ha for Austin Monthly Magazine

Bobb. X. Ha for Austin Monthly Magazine

Said other shoot with booties, on set for a shoot with Dhani Jones

Said other shoot with booties, on set for a shoot with Dhani Jones

We loaded in the gear with hard hats on, and did the shoot in surgical booties. Oddly enough, this was not the first time I’d done a shoot in booties, and I certainly don’t expect it to be my last.

Bobb, escaping from his day job for the shoot, came with his typical gear for trivia contests - a shopping bag full of notes. Apparently, this is just a fraction of note sheets he has. Also, not pictured, was a giant check from a recent win for his trivia team, Team Dong (insert joke here). All in all, a fun afternoon shoot, and as always, it’s so fun getting to help highlight all the people that make Austin the great city it is for Austin Monthly Magazine.

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