This collection is currently exhibited at, and represented by Modern Rocks Gallery

Artist Statement

Austin, TX photographer Sarah Frankie Linder presents a new concept inspired by the unpredictable, high-speed art of photographing live music. For viewers, "On the Bright Side" calls upon the boundless moments, impressions, and energy that fills the air when you witness an artist's performance on stage. 

Using photos taken at music festivals and venues around Austin, TX, Linder allowed the elusiveness of a blurred, auto-focus effect to create the foundation of each image. The color of each was manipulated, while retaining selected elements of the original, resulting in a new, fresh atmosphere captured in time.

By revitalizing these archived photographs in "On the Bright Side", Linder invites the eye to explore a unique representation of the live music experience that is vibrant, curious, and thought-provoking.